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tufflayouts's Journal

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okay so im kristy [tuffkristy] and i decided to make a layout community because i make pretty crazy layouts and my friend michele [cheapperfume_x] decided to help me out. we make a lot of layouts and check the community everyday for requests which we take :] just be specific when requesting. not only are there layouts here but we make graphics as well. if you have a question on layouts or graphics just post it [make sure it's friends only] and we'll answer it as best and as soon as we can. we hope you enjoy tufflayouts!!<33


there are a few simple rules that we ask you to follow, it's not that hard. please credit michele, or myself, if you use one of our layouts or graphics. if you don't that's considered stealing and all of those who "steal" will be banned. if you request a layout please do not rush us to get it done, i only work on layouts during the weekends when i have time. so please do not be rude and push us or we will not do it for you. also when requesting a layout, please be specific. if you aren't we'll will do what we want, and you'll have to deal with it if you like it or not. also make all entries friends only, if its not it will be deleted. and last but not least please promote at least once when you've joined. i dont care where, just please do it. thanks.